Painfully Speaking

I have not been active on this blog for some weeks now.  This is due to an unfortunate accident at the job which has debilitated me for weeks and caused indescribable pain at times.

It began Dec 14 when i tripped over debris on the shop floor at work, spraining my ankle.  When it wasn’t improved over the next couple days I went to seek medical help, get an x-ray, etc.  The initial diagnosis was sprained, no breaks, take some aspirin, wrap it up and go home, GOOD LUCK!!   I was given crutches to get around with.   When  in the next week the foot was red, swollen, extremely sensitive to touch and tender, the office called and said the company insurance  folks set me an appointment to see their Dr. at their clinic.   The new diagnosis is that I have cellulitis in my ankle, take these antibiotics and come back in a week.

Four days later i woke to see a huge sack of fluid attached to the side of the ankle, so I called and the clinic said to be sure they get a culture of it when I come in three days hence.  Within the next day this “blister” ruptured leaking yellow nasty fluid all over the place and i went to go to the bathroom and clean it up a bit,  on the way I fell to the floor having lost my balance on the crutches.  Called for friends to help me get up on my feet and even with two helpers it couldnt be done, I was too weak to help out.  In examination of the ankle my good friend Clay said that I should get immediate medical help so the EMS came and got me to the hospital.  The bottom line is that I had a severe infection in the ankle that took ten days to alleviate to the point that I could be discharged to a Physical Rehab faciiity to begin the process of walking again.  This course of therapy is nearly complete and I am making good progress toward the goal of getting back mobile again.

The pain that I have endured has been daily since Dec 14th, and at times so severe as to nearly cause fainting.  The pain of the swelling and initial infection was bad enough and I was taking massive amounts of over the counter NSAID products to alleviate it.  But the really bad part was when they came to “milk” the pus and fluid out  of my ankle!!  To get this stuff out they would squeeze the foot from the top down toward the heel where the fluid sack had ruptured creating an exit.   This was preferred to lancing as they wanted less chance for further infection to set in.   So twice a day the foot was “milked” for 5 days and estimates of nearly two gallons of fluids were expelled.  Trust me when I say that after these treatments [i joked about it being “torture”,   [which is not far from truth]  I welcomed an injection of an instant pain killer that would alleviate the after effects [unfortunately not the pain during treatment!!].

At this point, there is only pain when I push the edge during Physical Therapy, which I am doing to speed the recovery process.  And milder medications help with this as needed. Another week or so and we will be ready to re-enter life again.   PT was prescribed to be done at a Nursing/Rehab center in Yorktown, some 65 miles up country from home.  This put a bite on  having any pals stop by for visits!!   I requested an advanced schedule of PT sessions so as not to waste the time spent here, one 30 minute period per day seemed a bit subdued, so went to two-a-day schedule.

UPDATE  2/10/17  Back in Rockport and follow up Dr. appt., still on crutches with some limited mobility.  It takes an incredible amount of energy to get around, in and out of offices, stores, vehicles, etc.  A three hour stint of errands etc and my body is wiped out.  Dizziness and lack of balance is a real issue, it’s hard to stand upright with only one ankle to do the work!!   Will be discussing light duties with the bosses at work on Monday to see what if anything I can do until I have full range of motion and at least workable strength returned to my foot.  In the mean time, PT exercises and walking as much as I can to build things back to normal as possible.

The thoughts going through my head over the weeks are that I wish I could “bottle” all the pain I have gone through and force the foolhardy individual that just dumped and neglected the debris; to drink the pain.    Their attitude about shop safety may differ if it was possible!!







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