The Thin Blue Line is Human

#ThinBlueLine #StopKillingCops

So true, plagiarized from another friends post.

Being a cop means clearing your own home at gunpoint because the wind blew open the door. It’s strategically picking a restaurant seat to see the whole room, and rarely making eye contact in conversation because you’re constantly scanning, watching, planning your next move if things go bad. It’s long hours, missed birthdays and holidays, all for average pay. It means never having an ‘off’ switch, never letting your guard down, even among family and friends. It means being the only one introduced, even while off duty, by your title and career choice, so everyone looks at you a little differently and watches you a little closer.

To those on the outside, who have never pinned a badge to their chest and strapped on a bullet resistant, not bullet proof, mind you, vest, and a pistol, if not two, and went out into a world that despises you for the uniform you wear and what you represent, you may think we’re simply being hypervigilant, or that we’re overreacting. You may think that due to the size of an area or what you see on the surface that bad things don’t happen here. And that’s good, because the less evil you see the better we’re doing at our jobs. But the truth of the matter is that if this is what you believe, you’ve probably never stared down the business end of a gun held by someone that wants to do you harm. You’ve probably never received death threats or promises to harm your family all because you did your job and did it well. You’ve probably never heard the final call of an officer who was killed in the line of duty and will never return to their families after their shift, or performed CPR on someone who overdosed in front of their child all because they were chasing that next high. You’ve probably never had to do any of these things, and that’s good, because I wouldn’t wish any of that on my worst enemy.

So before you make the decision to spread more hatred towards police while you sit comfortably in the protection they provide you, I ask that you think twice before doing so. It’s not just a job, it’s a calling and a lifestyle that only 2% of the population take on. Police line of duty deaths are up 56% from this time last year, yet the outrage from the public is not about that, and you’ll rarely hear about it in the news. Tomorrow will come, and that 2% will once again pin on their badge and strap on that gun and vest to start another tour of duty. It’s time that the police stop being the most despised profession in the world, and stop being assassinated for the piece of metal on their chest. Despite your political affiliations, despite who you did or didn’t vote for, this is something we all need to come together as a country to change. This is a change of the hearts of the American people, and it doesn’t matter who’s in the White House because it starts with each and every one of us. Make the change to teach the next generation to respect law enforcement, and raise them up to be responsible, contributing young men and women who our forefathers would be proud of. Make the change to show love to one another, and together we’ll see the hatred chased back into the dark corners of society rather than running rampant on our city streets. Without our men and women of law enforcement to protect us, the future of this country is a violent one that I hope we never have to see come to reality.

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