My Brother Says….

People are not racist because they can see what Black Lives Matter really is and who is funding it. 

People are not racist because they support law and order while condemning the criminal actions of some rogue cops. 

People are not racist because they oppose a black president’s policies of socialism and thievery through taxation and deficit spending. 

People are not racist because they can be honest about the origin of threats to our safety and way of life and call it radical Islamic terrorism.   This does not mean that they hate Muslims or people from the middle East.  It simply means that they are smart enough and courageous enough to call a threat by its real name and defend themselves against it.

I come from a family whose parents gave the majority of their lives to helping others who were of a different race than our family and I have followed that example in daily life.  I spent my formative years in a country where I was a minority. I know what it is like to look around and feel very different and conspicuous.  I even discussed this with my best friend at the time and he suggested I try brown shoe polish on my skin!   OK, but what about my blue eyes and straight hair?

At the end of the day, I made a choice to fit into the culture by speaking and sounding like I was native born.  I even tried to learn the unwritten second language. 

I didn’t blame others for not accepting me.  I became as acceptable as I could without the ability to change my skin color, hair texture and eye color. 

Don’t call me racist just because I don’t agree with your political positions!  That is an easy cop out to having discussion on real issues. 

Don’t call me racist because I am an American who loves his country in spite of recognizing its faults and periods of deplorable behavior by SOME of its citizens. 

Especially when you make excuses for other countries whose leaders commit real atrocities against its citizens and other peoples of the world.   The answer to our problems are not in a political victory, but through the changed hearts and minds  ( which should impact behavior ).  Get to know Jesus Christ and His character and compassion for souls on this planet and then emulate Him and His life on earth.   One day you are going to meet Him anyway, I just pray for your sake that it will be on His terms.  Dig into it and see what I mean.   Thanks for letting me share my thoughts on current events.
Oh, I forgot.  People are not racist because they oppose ILLEGAL immigration while welcoming those who come through the “front door” like my grandmother did and then decided she was more American than European.  If you come legally you can keep your culture in your home and family, but we all expect you to value being a part of the America we also chose to love.   Leave your – (dash ) labels behind.

By My Brother

Douglas Wright

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