Debates Round Two

So what do you do in the next round after playing nice today?  The moderator was clearly in the tank for Hildabeast and you held back from the main arsenal that is available.

If you swing too hard you look desperate and with polls where they are….clearly not the case.

So in round two; do you come in easy, speaking softly but carrying the big machete that will behead the beast and cause a meltdown.  Remember she’s pretty cool under pressure.  She boldly lied to Congress under oath saying “What difference does it make?”. Other than she essentially murdered her own ambassador (whom likely had knowledge of her secret arms trading), endangered dozens of embassy staff, and costs the lives of four brave men who gave all in defense of oir people. NOT MUCK!  

  Cucumber cool baby!! (She’s very experienced at lying). 

 So how’s this?

Just might trigger an avalanche of “temperment” that all her staffers know she’s capable of.  (they whisper about it and leak it out occasionally)

So if you are  Mr Trump how would YOU play the Hilldebeast???

She does a great job describing herself don’t you think??
Maybe remind her of what we are seeing almost daily on our TV news ….

Or just maybe..

A fully loaded gun awaits you Mr Trump….aim carefully, she’s a “wascally wabbit”.


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