Only Hillary….

‚Äčjust the facts…  written by my mate, Jason Wheeler

of the two candidates running for president…

Only Hillary Clinton was caught lying to congress.

Only Hillary Clinton was fired from a job for being unethical.

Only Hillary Clinton deleted 30 some thousand emails after she was ordered to hand them over to the Fed.

Only Hillary Clinton had that same computer wiped clean by professionals.

Only Hillary Clinton got the rapist of a teenage girl off on rape charges then laughed about it.

Only Hillary Clinton lied to the American people about Benghazi.

Only Hillary Clinton lied to the American people about her emails.

Only Hillary Clinton lied about being under sniper fire.

Only Hillary Clinton lied about lying to the American people.

Only Hillary Clinton was involved in ” Cash Cow ”

Only Hillary Clinton has a long list of scandals.

Only Hillary Clinton nationally belittled her husband’s sexual harassment ( and rape ) accusers.

Only Hillary Clinton is a career politician.

Only Hillary Clinton will not release her speeches to Goldman Sachs and other banks.

Only Hillary Clinton is tied to Monsanto.

Only Hillary Clinton was labeled ” Extremely careless ” about national security by the FBI !

Only Hillary Clinton said she will raise taxes on the middle class.

Only Hillary Clinton benefited from the DNC rigging an election !

Only Hillary Clinton had to return stolen items from the White House.

Only Hillary Clinton said the Benghazi victims parents where lying.

Only Hillary Clinton wants you to vote for her based on her gender.

Only Hillary Clinton has no real accomplishments after a lifetime in politics.

Only Hillary Clinton has never created any jobs.

Only Hillary Clinton has been investigated by the FBI and found to have put national security at risk.

Only Hillary Clinton has had two or more movies and several documentaries made about her questionable ethics.

Only Hillary Clinton was called “Broomstick one” by the SS.

Only Hillary Clinton made congress and others spend millions and millions of tax dollars having hearings and investigating her to find that she lied, that would not have been spent if she would of simply told the truth in the first place ! Fact – all facts !

Only Hillary Clinton regularly cussed out and belittled her SS detail.

Only Hillary Clinton Only Hillary Clinton Only Hillary Clinton over and over again.

But you are going to vote for her because…. you don’t like Donald Trump ? That is insane !

I will never understand how any moral person in good conscience could vote for this woman.

(This is just a small percentage of a much longer list


Debates Round Two

So what do you do in the next round after playing nice today?  The moderator was clearly in the tank for Hildabeast and you held back from the main arsenal that is available.

If you swing too hard you look desperate and with polls where they are….clearly not the case.

So in round two; do you come in easy, speaking softly but carrying the big machete that will behead the beast and cause a meltdown.  Remember she’s pretty cool under pressure.  She boldly lied to Congress under oath saying “What difference does it make?”. Other than she essentially murdered her own ambassador (whom likely had knowledge of her secret arms trading), endangered dozens of embassy staff, and costs the lives of four brave men who gave all in defense of oir people. NOT MUCK!  

  Cucumber cool baby!! (She’s very experienced at lying). 

 So how’s this?

Just might trigger an avalanche of “temperment” that all her staffers know she’s capable of.  (they whisper about it and leak it out occasionally)

So if you are  Mr Trump how would YOU play the Hilldebeast???

She does a great job describing herself don’t you think??
Maybe remind her of what we are seeing almost daily on our TV news ….

Or just maybe..

A fully loaded gun awaits you Mr Trump….aim carefully, she’s a “wascally wabbit”.

Hillary Started Obama ‘Birtherism’ – Media is LYING!

As most have known for years Killery has an innate ability to blame everyone else for her sins.  This must be an irreversible character trait, or shes just attempting to stay out of jail.  She certainly has motivation to remain un-indicted, at least until after November. ( sound like 2012??)

She has studied and apparently mastered; but certainly adhered to the teaching of the radicalist, Saul Alinsky.   Example after example are available to anyone willing to spend time on search engines.

Here is a prime one, blame Donald for what you did and infer he is a racist….because your sacred cow (and DNC base) the black community is seeing through your bullcrap!!

A Few Wishes

From the social media of my friend Bob Kelly.  I know how he feels, but would ever be possible again??

I have a many wishes. 
I wish that the news media would set aside their partisan garbage and make independent judgements about what is (and what is not) important.
I wish that the news media would report on issues raised by candidates, not on the castigation of one group or another.
I wish the news media would try to report the facts of all sides, rather than only the facts that suit their purposes.
I wish that the news media would support not what appears to be  the interest of corporations, but what appears to be the interest of the American people. 
I wish the media would not take country-wide, gross statistics to prove that impoverished portions of the population don’t need help.
I wish the media would try to get facts that are relevant to issues rather than quoting blogs and other sources of information.
I wish the the news media would stop making inflammatory statements about anything. 
I wish the news media would leave commentary to a SMALL part of their news coverage. 
I wish the news media would stop discussing supposition, extrapolation, and wild guesses as news.