The Slavebuilt House

Had to share this response to comments made by the occupants of the peoples “house”.  I think this is how most hard worling, tax paying Americans feel.

I wonder if Moochelle even knows the historical facts. 


I’ve been too busy this week to comment on Michelle Obama’s statement about waking up each morning in a “house that slaves built.”  But I am making time this morning. 

      Michelle Obama, dear, you attended Princeton and Harvard. America has afforded you the very best of everything: Ivy League degrees, Legal practice, and now you are the First Lady of the United States. You live in the White House (I read that you and your staff just call it “the House.”) no white anywhere for you, I guess. But then there is the little problem of your husband’s Mother. Yes, she was white. Maybe that is why the President only refers to someone like Trayvon Martin as looking like his hypothetical son. (Oh, and by the way, note to you and Trayvon’s mother: he was not killed by police, although you seem to take joy in putting him in with police shootings to further your “I hate whites and cops” agenda. But that is another topic for another day: How to hate cops and put targets on their backs while you are protected daily by federal agents (also cops). Your hypocrisy is not lost on those of us who hear you rant about your terrible life, all the while secretly enjoying the gifts it affords you!

      You realize that you and the President live in that Slave-built house because he holds one of the most powerful positions in the world, right? I think you must have forgotten that. You and your family live in that house, are served by its staff, eat the food prepared by its chefs, and you do that on my tax dollars, oh and I’m white. Yes, this is how I feel about your slavery comments in 2016, and every other year you have resided in MY house.

      I never owned slaves. I never would. I imagine my views would have gotten me killed, so God, in His infinite wisdom, allowed me to live in THIS generation You never were a slave. You live in THIS generation. But you keep going back in history, opening up old wounds, tearing off the scabs, so there can be no healing. In fact, you scrub the wound with a loofah and make it bleed anew every chance you get. You teach hate, where many of us have taught healing. You see color, while many of us have tried our entire lives to see character. You are angry, yet you have achieved, many times over, the American Dream. You have led some of my good friends to alienate me and call me a devil and to say I will never understand.  

      I may not understand problems of color, but I have a complete other set of understandings: being born into poverty, living in the projects, having birth parents who never should have been. And I understand overcoming those situational difficulties. And I have chosen to move forward, to break the chain, to create happiness, to achieve the American Dream. And it wasn’t because of “white privilege,” because I had none. I had a drive that propelled me to succeed. And I faced challenges of my own along the way. I understand plenty. 

      Because I am living the American Dream made by my hard work and determination, and every day I am thankful and praise God for where I am in comparison to the life I was born into. I am happy. You are Angry. Both are a choice. But the difference is that I live in my house that I pay for, built by a hard-workingAmerican. I eat meals prepared by my own hand. And I reach out in love to all the future generations that I have taught for the last 22 years, earning low pay, and a retirement in Texas that I cannot get until I am 75 years old. (Nothing remotely similar to your husband’s pension as President, that will support your family, and that my tax dollars will be paying for, as soon as he leaves office.) Your podium is higher than mine, and your reach is farther, and yet you do not reach out. You reach back. And live there in anger. I will not be a silent witness to this any longer. 

      My grandparents were share croppers in the south, among the poorest in the US. My biological paternal grandparent just arrived here from Germany in the 1900’s long after slavery’s end. So your constantly bringing up history and opening wounds in the hearts of America’s black population, when almost no one living today, and certainly no one of our generation was ever enslaved, is a disservice to your position. You have abused your power, and someone has to say so. You are a year younger than I am, so segregation in education was dissolved before you attended school. You studied it just like I did, in American history books. You probably watched Roots as a child, as I did, and were horrified, as I was, in the humanity of that era. But the difference is that you stayed there. I refused to. I never uttered the n word your husband used in a speech to anger Blacks and humiliate Whites. Both of you are guilty. 

      If you are so offended about living in that house, leave. No one is forcing you to live the life you do. You and your family have racked up millions in travel expenses, in addition to the amount it has cost to house you in that Slave-built house. Stop now. Walk away. Go back to practicing law. We wouldn’t dream of your having to spend one more night in that wretched house, take one more free flight on that wretched plane, or eat one more bite of that wretched free food you are enjoying. If it pains you so much,  leave now. But we both know you will not. Your life is a lie. You say one thing, but do another. Your hateful, angry words stir up strife, yet behind the big, old, white doors of that slave-built house, you love the posh life it affords you. So spare us all and remember if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Us white folks out here that you despise so much are working too hard to support your family for you to be so ungrateful. I’ll pray that you find something worthy of happiness soon.

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