An Online “Comments” Discussion

I long since ceased from posting my political opinions on my Facebook page for obvious reasons. I got tired of the hate and vitriolic comments inflicted by those that differ on the progressive/liberal side .
So perhaps in a “slip up” I put something out there today concerning the Trump protest. Somebody commented that it was the Dems causing havoc.

My friend Wayne weighed in and we ended up having a “debate” The following is a copy…..

The GOPe just as guilty,; we are now
down to a “one party” with two heads….just look back over past seven years……….Power party…..

Please!! I’ve seen videos of completely silent protesters escorted out, punched for no reason, arrested or hand cuffed when they didn’t start anything but just standing there! Yes there have been instances of heckling , mostly met with violence on the part of “supporters! And listen to the rhetoric – the thought of paying legal fees for those in the crowd causing mayhem? I in no way condone or promote violence in protests, but how about free speech from any opposition!


Yet there are no “trumpets” at Bernie or Killary rsllys causing disruptions….  Why?  If they were so vicious wouldn’t they return the favor?  It’s a different mindset. 
No video tape of ANY Tea party rally members hitting anybody or shouting insults at other gatherings?   Got any videos of libertarians (like me) that blockade highways, shoot cops, throw rocks, burn cars, loot buildings?   Nope.  Only those voting for Killary or Bernie are out doing that…..
And they are regrettably just pawns in the ” bigger picture”.  NWO,  Agenda 21, etc. Funded and egged on by Soros, Gates Murdoch,  and the 1% that hold the strings playing puppeteer. 
My perspective at be a bit different,  as I have cheated, I thumbed “forwsrd” and read the last chapter in the book.

Why? How about bullies gather in bunches and are afraid to be isolated, alone, standing up for what ever they think! No, they gather in crowds of like minded “people”?? that only have an almost religious fervor over their “leader and his policies”. Pretty sure you won’t find someone at a Bernie rally, no others to back them up!!

The “why” is because they don’t need to go disrupt a “Bernie” rally to  get their message out….  The general message is the feelings of most of those patriotic working Americans that stand for constitutional law, moral values, small government, sensible regulations, and free market economy.  The things that made USA the powerhouse that effectively ended two world wars started by European countries, ended the strsightjacket of Marxist rule over most of eastern Europe. Are we perfect? By no means,  but compared to whom are we second fiddle?
Most all of Donaldson supporters just want that USA back.  Yes where he is because he’s playing to that sentiment in the nation. Are they being played like a $3 fiddle?  Well, only time will tell.  I guarantee we’ve been played for decades,  doubt if it will really end this year.

I can agree on the “played” part – by who and why – still TBD


It”s really pretty easy to see,  goes back 100 years.   Know when the media became puppet of the “powers that be”?    1903, Reuters News service was purchased by Rothschilds banks……. Smoke on that for a minute….  Then get online and start reading some history that is NOT IN SCHOOL BOOK’S.  I have,  It’s enlightening.

We ended our discussion at that point.  We have had discussions in the past, and I have to give credit, Wayne is intelligent enough not to just start “yelling” progressive slogans and unproven dictums without any objectivity. 
He has enough “snap” to realize that information is power,  and knowledge and wisdom are an anathema to dogma.

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