The Double Dip by the Corporatocracy

My son and I are chatting on the phone tonite, and he says, “so what do ya think about the elections Pops?   My answer was a question, because I always incited him to think things out for himself , with guidance
.  I replied “Which do you want in your sleeping bag tonite, a copperhead or a rattlesnake?”. We laughed , knowing full well what I was alluding to.   The whole thing is big drama designed to give the illusion of “choices” to the basically ignorant masses. 

It must be stated the Corporatocracy only wishes either a democrat or republican from their club be presented to the American people as candidate.  That the official-sounding Commission on Presidential Debates is not official at all. It is a private organization created by the Republican and Democratic Parties for the clear and admitted purpose of controlling the presidential debate process. Everything from the schedule to the participants to the water glasses on stage are determined by way of an MOU between the two parties, to the exclusion of everyone else.
“The American people need to understand that the presidential debates are televised productions of the Republican and Democratic Parties, nothing more. And those productions are designed to exclude alternative voices and ignore the simple fact that one-third of the electorate does not belong to their exclusive clubs.”
The problem in this era in the USA is that we have not been able to vote for a single candidate for office for decades that was not first vetted by the corporatocracy. This vetting of puppets starts at the local government level and continues to the highest of offices, the presidency. It does not matter who is elected. The voter in the street always loses now. The “elected” want to keep their better than the common man perks and privilege and will sup at the trough of the people with the blessing of their campaign financiers. These financiers keep the “elected” in an imperial state of being above the people and for the most part the law. Recent Supreme Court decisions will insure that this will only get worse. The naive “voters” are never voting on candidates. They are presented in this epoch with two previously vetted puppets to have election theater with in a grand marketing production that assures the same outcome every time. Our founding fathers created an almost perfect document. However, they could never have foreseen the impact of planetary size entities with enormous financial resources that can manipulate a body politic through marketing and make that body compliant with those entities designs and wishes. One step that should be taken would be to amend the constitution to make it a serious federal felony for any institution with more than 50 employees or multiple subsidiaries to have any contact with an elected public official in any way. Of course that would mean the over 50,000 highly paid lobbyists in Washington alone would have to find new employment and DC would fall from the highest per capita income city in the USA to something less impressive.

But if I were the “king”for a day, that’s exactly what I would implement.  Along with several other changes…..but that’s another article.   (still in outline format).  Keep an eye out for it here, “someday” I’ll finish and publish it.

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