Climate, Hope, Change — and Hoax

Cruising thru my Twitter feed recently someone posted that climate change “must be adressed”. They went full throttle hate and vitriol when I replied that the tide marks in my marina were the same as in 2000 when Gore et al predicted we’d all be underwater by 2016.

Of course now anybody with an IQ bigger than their waist size and a Google device realizes that the “science” was based on skewed and falsified data to make computer models predict the results the “agenda mongers” wanted. Then they send out big Al to go all “Henny Penny” on us, knowing that the majority of the modern media wouldn’t bother to check things out, just “ditto” the voice of the progressive community.

Take a browser through the article on this link, with an open mind, then tell me what ya think. There’s a comments section at the end of the blogs.


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