Benghazi Bombshell Hillary’s Orders

I am still convinced after reading all these reports and facts about what was going on in Benghazi that Amb. Stevens was essentially murdered to keep a lid on the arms shipments to Syria/Turkey coming thru that “secret”CIA compound. 
My bet is that Killary was up to her eyeballs in the arms trading, making a financial windfall off of it,  and the Ambassador got wise to her little schemes…..after all there are literally dozens of her “pals” from Whitewater, Mena Airpark, and others that have “mysterious accidents” as the causes of their demise.  What better cover than to have a few “jihadists” tear into the embassy…..note they didn’t shoot any staffers or clerks???  Only those in the “know” and a couple seals that were going to spoil the charade…….
If I’m wrong……well, won’t be first time.


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