A Confession: What I Think of Pastors For Trump | The Resurgent



National Review just handed Donald Trump the Election | Republican News Watch

My be you don’t think much of Trump, but you have to admit he has folks “pumped up” like never before. In GOP history…

This articlesheds light on the “good old boy” getting soundly spanked with their behind the “scenes” shenanigans….
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Christian Refugees in Turkey Hide Their Religion in Fear – Breitbart

Is it no wonder that Obama has been”footsy” around with Turkey? This fits in the plan to promote Islam, and convert Syria to another Muslim Brotherhood puppet state.
Eradication of the Christians, the history of Turkey in this article wae enlightening….

a href=”http://www.breitbart.comnational-security/2016/01/25/christian-refugees-in-turkey-live-in-fear-hide-religion/”>http://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2016/01/25/christian-refugees-in-turkey-live-in-fear-hide-religion/

Should we deport all Muslims

A Canadian blogger has written a good piece looking at what’s going on in Europe.  Questioning should Canadian citizens be subjected to the same depravities as Europe’s fine old cities are experiencing? My question is this,  Why should we knowingly invite these rapist leeches to our towns, putting a financial burden on our working folks and endangering our female population’s safety and sanity.

How long will it take before we have “open season” warfare on Muslim immigrants?  A people can only endure so much before “civilization” breaks down, which is of course the intentions of those purporting this “Muslim invasion”……

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