Articles: The Burden of Proof on Climate Change


While Turkey Sold ISIS’ Oil——White House Environmentalists Protected Their Wells | David Stockman’s Contra Corner

Well now, the nasty things that come out,  and nobody in main stream bothering to talk about.  Here we are as a nation, well, as a administration, supporting and harboring the very enemies of our own COUNTRY.

Radical Islam and Black Liberation Theology | Heaven Awaits

This short take makes clear sense of where the Black Lives Matter movement is founded in. And the correlation with Islamic terrorists. It is little wonder that our current leadership is closely tied with both, and exercises his will through surrogates like George Soros. Or is it the other way around?? My opinion is that Barry was selected, groomed, sent to schools, and fitted to be the “Manchurian candidate” , why else seal off all his history,,?

Take a read here. Get back with your thoughts..