Slavery: Then, and Now

I just watched an excellent movie on Netflix [an addiction, admittedly!!] called “Freedom” which starred Cuba Gooding Jr. The premise was the trek from the hands of the slave owners into the freedom of Canada in 1856,  but throws back to  1748 and the redemption of a ships captain who is bamboozled into the slave trade.   The captain was John Newton, the author of the hymn, “Amazing Grace” and the film shows how the captain came to realize that grace in his own life.   Enough about the movie, if you have the chance, I would take the time to view it.

The point that rang with me was the parallels between slavery back 150 plus years ago and  that of today.  Not just the physical slavery which still exists in Africa and other countries in Asia etc,  but also the economic slavery that holds so many here in our “Free” land in America.  I fail to see or hear any shouts of outrage at the atrocities occurring in our own time in third world countries around the globe by local war lords or similar despots  who most likely have “status” at the United Nations!!  That is a subject that deserves an article of its own, for another time perhaps??    Meanwhile we are constantly hammered by our media with the likes of “Black Lives Matter” and the repeated cries from “Black leaders” for reparations for the deeds of those 17% of Americans who owned slaves in  the 18th century.     Do you see the irony in this as I do??

But back to the parallels,  in the “old” days slave owners kept there charges in the poorest of conditions, barely existing, not able to “own” anything, breaking up family units, constantly dependent on the “Masters” for even their daily rations of food and water, adequate shelter, etc   The only escape from that dependence was an unlawful act, a transition  to “running” so often into a sub-world of hiding and continued fear of reprisals and capture, which meant certain  death in most cases.

So, what is the differences in today’s world??   Since the days of LBJ and his insistence in “enslaving” the black populations, our “social welfare” system has set up to  keep the community in the same position.   Constantly dependent on the monthly stipend, breaking up family unity by rewarding mothers for more illegitimate babies, LBJ even shipped thousands of black young men to be the “grunts” in Viet Nam, only a percentage of whom returned from that  “purely economic” disaster that we all know had nothing to do with stemming the “Red Tide”.   Not to even mention the inordinate number of black mothers who have been “serviced” by Planned Genocide clinics, funded by tax dollars to tune of millions.    The only “out” so many of our black AND Hispanic youth see today is the “street life”, which the movie and music industries continue to glorify with their lyrics and scripts. Drug dealing, gang life, mistreatment of women, all seen as “normal” in   the eyes of the kids in “inner city” environments as well as in “mainstream” entertainment.  The end results of which are capture, imprisonment, or death at the hands of each other. Schools have been denigrated to glorified babysitting services, teachers have been restricted to “puppets” of the Feds in their curriculum and in abilities to maintain decorum in the classrooms.  The lack of parental responsibility is often encouraged….those Moms who do care are often marginalized and made fun  of.  God forbid they try to raise a child up in any sort of “Christian” household.  Morality and decency are attacked at every turn, how do these kids have a chance?.

The “slave owners” of yesterday are railed upon as “oppressive whiteys”, but the “slave owners” today are the govt officials and elected representatives in our “ghetto cities” that take money from corporations who run the prisons, the “tribes” of lawyers and judges,  who benefit from the constant parade of “criminals” that they can prosecute, fine,  and incarcerate,  all the while reaping a financial windfall on the backs of the  “common folks” who really see no chance of ever achieving “freedom”.  Incidentally there are many white, Asian, and Hispanic peoples caught in this same trap, this is NOT solely  a “black” issue.

I fail to see any of our politicians of late having any serious discussions about the plight of the “masses” that are enslaved in the economic grasp of the “elite” ones.  They are so clever to constantly keep us “entertained” and distracted by manufactured “social crisis” and racial division so we fail to truly focus on possible solutions to socio-economic slavery.   Just read Dr.Thomas Sowell, or Col. Adam West, Dr Ben Carsen,  etc. for their “take” on things, I think you will find that the “true” leaders of the black community will agree with my assessments.

True “freedom” would be for all to feel useful,  be productive, and a part of society in general.  I think that all but  perhaps a very few of the “welfare” receivers would rather have a solid job and “own” their house, raise their kids without “state” intervention, and assimilate into the fabric of what American society has to offer, or at least what it used to be.

No wonder thousands respond to the likes of Trump, whose “words” seem to say that he can bring solutions, his actions are yet to be seen.     One can only hope, and pray for our great nation,  heaven only knows She needs it!!


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