Islam is a Religion??? Not like any others known around the world!

The news media keeps calling Islam a “religion” of peace, and they being the lap dogs of the most high and mighty one, Barry Soetoro, of course that’s the “spin” put on it.  But one only has to look back at the history of the world  to see that the Muslim take on life is not a religion, but a sinister design to master the entire world.   The very writings of the “Holy Quran” are evidence of the malicious nature of this ideology of slavery, debauchery, and mastery over humankind.  There is no other religion from any part of the world or culture that teaches the despicable principles that the followers of Mohammed do.    I wish to quote from  a comment  made on Facebook by a writer that put this concept forward so well, I was intrigued by his words.

My God fools. Read the Qur’an !! By its definition of Muslim duty there is no such thing as a Muslim that is not terrorist. Their political philosophy is that of constant terror or war against all things not Islam. Since the founding of Islam by a clever, insane, pedophile that disguised his political philosophy as a religion, the world has known nothing but an incessant 1400 years of Islamic lying to gain advantage over infidels, rape, slavery, pedophilia, bestiality, torture, persecution, murder, genocide, terror, and war from Obama’s religion of peace.

Obama, as the son of a Shiite immigrant to Kenya, raised Muslim loving the sound of the call to prayer each morning in Indonesia; he knows full well the mandates of Islam. An immediate ban on immigration from all Muslim countries is necessarily essential given Islam’s law. Graham does not go far enough. We should be deporting any Muslim that hasn’t assimilated or shows the slightest propensity to attempt a transformation of our country into a Muslim state or any infraction of our laws at large. No Islamic should ever be given “refugee” status or enter into immigration to the United States.

Islam has been at war with everything not Islam for 1400 years. Presently, by design, Obama and his gangsters are calling for a “National Police Force.” This has been a dream of every dictator that ever lived. If he and his best dirt bag friend Al Sharpton get their way this will be the end of the USA. If he is somehow successful, this son of a porn star will realize his dream of a NAZI style SS police force for the entire United States. In effect, if it happens in our time we will be witnessing the rise from the dead of Obama’s version of Hitler’s NAZI SS Corps.

Related to this ridiculous idea of a liberal arts education: If only it were possible to get a liberal arts education today! Students today are going into financial servitude to pay for their own brainwashing. Under the current controversy college students (if they were really being educated) would not have any problem with a movie about an American hero for our times. Not just an American hero, but a hero for the current century for all nations of good intent. Being in my own business(s) since age 18 I have dealt with probably more people than I want to count. I can say this with utter certainty about the average American: “In my 52 years as an adult business owner the grace, timber, and intellect of the average American has been on a steep downward path.”

This fall has accelerated dramatically since Public Law 96-88 signed by President Jimmy Carter on October 17, 1979 went into effect. This law placed the Federal Government at the forefront of all education in this country. It has led to the extreme dumb down and brain washing of our children. Teaching in the California State University system for ten years I was appalled at the quality of student appearing in front of me and the sense of entitlement that many presumed. The goal of the U. S. Department of Education is to have homogenized, malleable, docile idiots to enter the Corporatocracy’s work force. Anyone that reads and understands knows we no longer have a Federal Republic of States but a Corporotacracy, a corporate Fascist regime that is everything Hitler and Stalin dreamed of in terms of a controlling police state.

I will vote for any candidate that understands this, who promises to eliminate the Dept of Education and returns education to the parents in each individual states city without a single Federal Mandate and simply monitored by each separate States Government. The Federal Government has no business dictating education to any child.

In conclusion any U. S. A citizen student causing American Sniper banned on campus is a moron in conflict with freedom of speech and should be expelled immediately. Any foreign national protesting this movie while attending one of our colleges or Universities has no concept of the law they are living under and is violating the highest law of our land which guarantees free speech. Likewise, this student or group of students should be expelled immediately and deported back to whatever hell hole in the Middle East they came from.

Qur’an verses:
The Quran 65:4 says it’s ok rape, marry, and divorce pre-pubescent girls and most of us find that offensive.

Quran 9:29 instructs Muslims to kill Jews, Christians, and non believers that don’t convert

Now that is a powerful piece,   Written by Rod Watkins,  he adds a link to  some other articles,…/

crusades and jihad

Of course there are those deniers that feel that the actions of the terroristic groups are fueled by “economic disparity”  and feelings of “inferiority” brought on by the despicable tyranny of the Zionists in Israel…… which I simply reply,  HORSE HOCKEY!!

Those Arabs have more money than they have sand!!  We have stupidly been buying our gasoline from them for decades all while stifling development  here on our own shores.  We have been financing our own  destruction thanks to those imbeciles in DC,  sold out to the highest  corporate bidder, who seem to think that between bouts of drunken embassy parties they are still the ones best suited to tell the 300 million of us US taxpayers how to live!!   Is it no wonder we are in the condition we are??  WAKE UP AMERICA!!


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