Persecution Persists in Progressive Policy

By Theodore Shoebat

Twenty Christians fled Iraq to flee from ISIS’ Islamic persecution and came to California. What did the US government do? Did they give them residency as they have done to millions of illegals? No. The US government detained them for four months and even now they are still being detained. Here is the report:

A group of 20 Christian Iraqis seeking asylum in the US after fleeing from ISIS have been held by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for over four months now, Al Jazeera reports.

The imprisoned Iraqis — known as Chaldeans — are being detained for an unusually long time with no explanation even though they have family members willing to sponsor them in San Diego County, according to Al Jazeera.

Mark Arabo, an activist for the Chaldean community in San Diego, told Al Jazeera that ICE claimed it didn’t have sufficient resources to process the Chaldeans’ claims. Arabo says that explanation is hard to believe.

“They’ve escaped living hell. Let’s allow them to reunite with their families,” Arabo told Al Jazeera.

ISIS, also known as the Islamic State, has been persecuting and killing Christians in the region, forcing them to flee. Over 125,000 Christians fled Iraq since the rise of ISIS.

Last month, a group protested outside the Otay Detention Facility to call for the release of the 20 Chaldeans.

In a statement, ICE said, “Given ICE’s limited detention resources and the agency’s policy of holding those who are public safety threats or flight risks, the vast majority of foreign nationals arrested by ICE are, in fact, released under supervision while their cases are pending.”

The statement also said that a decision on whom to release was made after the review of the case.

“We are talking to the state department and the White House and Congress and we are putting pressure to make sure they release those 20 innocent people,” Arabo told Al Jazeera.

These Christians fled persecution to a nation which is to be the land of the free, to only be persecuted by the land where the statue of liberty stands.

While the US is allowing criminals to come in through the border, they are imprisoning Christians who are fleeing Islamic persecution. America is suppose to be a light of freedom of the world, and it is now an advancer of tyranny and depravity, both in its own country and throughout the world. This tells us something: the government doesn’t “care” about its people; its working with the criminals, its profiting from terrorists and drug dealers. How else do you explain that the US has still not gotten rid of ISIS, where in reality it has the power to destroy ISIS in a week? How else can you explain that the US still hasn’t precluded the tremendous amounts of drugs entering the country from Mexico and other Latin American countries?

The US is spending billions of dollars to spread the homosexual agenda throughout the world, and any nation that fights this new world order (Russia and Uganda), the US tries very hard to coerce these righteous nations to submit to its demonic will. Why? Why all of this evil allowed? There are elites in the upper levels of power, under the power of “the rulers of the darkness of this world” (Ephesians 6:12) who are empowering this evil to continue and thrive. They want to see the blood of saints, they want to see the freedom of holiness brought low, they want to see the towers of despotism reach the heights of Heaven, they want to see the devil rule. This is all happening for one reason: we have forgotten God and worship Mammon instead. Shatter the idol of Mammon, and true liberty will abound.


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