Work?? Why cant we all work at a dream job?

Just saw this article about Mike Rowe and his WORK  foundation.  As I read, the tenets of what Mike told his criticizer it became apparent that it was so true!!  I have seen this situation first hand; try your sincere best to give someone a chance to improve their situation and skills, and end up on the short end of the stick.   I once gave someone the opportunity to become a real success and end the troubles they were experiencing financially when they expressed the concern for their kids etc.  The chance was not a hand out, it required a commitment and some sweat equity.   Unfortunately for me it ended badly, the person  fell back into a drug habit, ended up doing shoddy work,not on time, etc  I was cursed for being stingy, accused of cheating them out of money,  and then ripped off of tools I had worked hard to buy and even some that had been loaned to me [causing a rift in my friendship] .  NO GOOD DEED……..

I submit the link to the article,  if you agree [or not] with me that we are in a real crisis here in USA over the “employ-ability” of our young folks,  send me a comment.


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