Dickering and Bickering

I have been seeing a pattern evidence itself while perusing some comments pages and responses to friends posts on the Facebook pages. My observation is that folks of “faith” or Christians are continuously getting in verbal [virtual verbal] arguments with those that are bound and determined not tot have faith in the things we as Christians hold dear to us.

The one I see the most is that the scriptures [Holy Bible] are just a bunch of stories, and those agnostic/atheistic types have tons of “proof” that it is just that, a good story book written by well intended folks with nothing but animus for mankind when they wrote them. Their supposed reason for writing these “tales” is to “dominate” the world through religion and force everybody to live by their rules. Whereas the truth could not be farther away from this premise, they continuously “jump on” anybody who might say that America is a Christian country, or the God will bless our efforts as a country or any mention of the Lords working to make life on earth different.

That being said; I get to the crux of where I am thinking and observing. I see post after post of fine intentioned “Christian” folks in an argument with those non-believers trying their best to prove them wrong, get the point instilled etc. One thread I read recently was 139 replies long. In the end nobody made the other person “back down” from the ground they were defending. The Proverbs repeatedly make mention of the fool and his follies, and that “we” are not to stoop to try top reason with the “fools” of this world.

My observation is that a lot of time and effort is being wasted on these “fools” in trying to “convince them” that they are wrong. Before everybody gets in a huff, I want to say that I am no way stating that we should not witness and testify to those around us and show them our Gods love , grace, and mercy; and show them the “way” to the truth. Heaven forbid, what I am saying is that we can testify to the effects that we have witnessed in OUR LIVES, and share the gospel without getting into a bickering match with hard-hearted fools. We are instructed to sow or “plant seed” to grow our spiritual gardens, we don’t successfully “pound out” fruits. Sow the seed, let the Holy Spirit bring about the change, arguing about it will not “grow” it.

If we spent the energy and effort that some do in arguing the validity of Christian principles in spreading the peace and love of Christianity on a personal level, we would effectively increase the “return” on our time investment.

Just my two cents worth.


Work?? Why cant we all work at a dream job?

Just saw this article about Mike Rowe and his WORK  foundation.  As I read, the tenets of what Mike told his criticizer it became apparent that it was so true!!  I have seen this situation first hand; try your sincere best to give someone a chance to improve their situation and skills, and end up on the short end of the stick.   I once gave someone the opportunity to become a real success and end the troubles they were experiencing financially when they expressed the concern for their kids etc.  The chance was not a hand out, it required a commitment and some sweat equity.   Unfortunately for me it ended badly, the person  fell back into a drug habit, ended up doing shoddy work,not on time, etc  I was cursed for being stingy, accused of cheating them out of money,  and then ripped off of tools I had worked hard to buy and even some that had been loaned to me [causing a rift in my friendship] .  NO GOOD DEED……..

I submit the link to the article,  if you agree [or not] with me that we are in a real crisis here in USA over the “employ-ability” of our young folks,  send me a comment.


Love Affairs With Disaster

I was recently cruising through the myriad of posts on my Facebook when a graphic was displayed on the timeline of an acquaintance depicting all the great things that have happened since Obama has been in office,   This chart professed that the stock market is up 200+%, the GDP has grown radically, unemployment  is only 5.5%, etc., etc  You get the point.

What struck me hardest was the comment added by the poster. He added his opinion that he was so glad that he voted Obama in  office and in the last six years that things have improved so much. He stated that Obama was a truly great leader, and that everything was so screwed up by G.W . Bush.  His local economy was vastly improved that the city was booming, the streets were overcrowded, housing was in short supply and wages were forced low.    I almost fell off my chair!!

Where do these folks get their information?  Have they been brain dead for six years?  Anybody who can read beyond first grade level and has a computer with internet service can figure out that conditions out there in most parts of the country are deplorable at best.   Have you not seen the pictures from Detroit??  What is the current National debt number?  Whats going on  in the Middle East??   Are the folks in Washington doing what we send them there for?  Accountability??

It is apparent that these folks have only “broadcast” tv service and soley tune in to CNN thinking that the likes of Piers Morgan and Rachel”Mad Cow” are giving them the really good “down low” on the state of current affairs.

The comments that followed on the post were mostly a breath of fresh air,  some folks were supportive, cheering like teens at a football pep rally!   HOWEVER the majority took the time to shed some light on the fact that the numbers that were purported to show all the wondrous improvements were skewed.  The reality is quite different, for example,  QE by the Fed, workers were giving up on looking for jobs, healthcare costs are doubled for most, welfare rolls have skyrocketed, debt has exploded to unrecoverable heights, and it’s all a bunch of smoke and mirrors.

What stuck with me was the reply by the original poster, stating after all that  what does he know?  He’s just a poor working stiff trying to get by and the mean old Republicans are trying to hold him down.

It’s like having a love affair with a mentally deranged person,  all the signs are there that whats going on is detrimental to the long term good of the relationship, but you are so blindly in love that you close your eyes, plug your ears, and continue to say all is well in the world!!