I have been thinking and talking about doing an “opinion” blog for some time now.  At first there was the apprehension that my lowly comments were of no interest to anyone, but in the past few weeks of being a  bit verbal on twitter I have received a fair percentage of favorites, re-tweets and responses from folks all over.  Being encouraged by this I will begin to espouse my opinions and thoughts on current affairs etc on this,  my new blog.

I have long since ceased to express my opinions on  all things political on my Facebook page as several of those friends and family who do not share my viewpoint tend to be “offended” and outraged that I might have a different view than they.

So…. well in this blog it is clearly my take on things as I see them and if you are affronted by my points of reference, well, you know you can exit the blog and choose not to return….it is that simple.  That being said, stay tuned if you can stand the ramblings of an “old school” Grampa that is nowhere near done yet, but has a few miles in the rear view!!



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